Why Grafts?

There are so many reasons to consider growing grafted plants, it’s no surprise that growers in North America are following the lead of their Asian and European cousins and planting grafted vegetables at a growing rate!

But the grafting process is time-consuming and delicate, requiring expertise and a tight control on timing and environmental conditions to ensure success. When the cost of labor is considered and added to the fact that rootstock seeds alone run 50 cents or more apiece, there is little economic “wiggle room” for many home growers — and most commerical growers — to experiment with grafting themselves.

This is where we come in.

With years of experience grafting tomato plants for use in university research, we have the experience and skills that ensure production of high-quality grafted plants. And as every grower knows, you can’t expect quality results unless you start with quality plant material.

We are a small business, but that means that we can be extremely flexible to your timing needs, planting schedule, desired rootstock/scion combinations, and unique cultivar or variety needs.

Contact us today if you’re interested, and you can gain the grafted advantage!